About us

Sabor & Salud (in English, taste and health) – the name says everything: Since 2004 we cultivate healthy and tasty salad herbs, aromatic herbs, and edible flowers for the modern top gastronomy in the province of Málaga. We are not simply farmers nor suppliers, but lovers of taste experiences, of the aesthetic and the healthy, with the objective and the determination of promoting and spreading our passion!

Top-quality is the main objective of all our activity. Proven by our clients: the best chefs in Europe! Our strength: more freshness, fair prices, more rapidity, more flexibility.

We are something more than just a reliable supplier. We offer solutions, offer advice for use, alternatives, combinations of endless varieties of dishes… growing and learning together.

Respect the environment

We are convinced, that the best quality and taste of natural products is mainly achieved through organic and ecologic farming. By respecting the environment, we help to make the world a better place and this effort is rewarded with the superb quality of our products.